5 Kayak Fishing Golden Rules

5 Kayak Fishing Golden Rules

Top 5 Golden Rules of Fishing

kayak fishing rulesIf you are new to the world of kayak fishing then there are Golden Rules that you must follow before you begin your kayak fishing adventure. These set of basic rules will not only improve your experiences on the water but they will also keep you safe.

Golden Rule 1 – Life Jacket

This is the most important rule when it comes to kayak fishing. It will save your life. Imagine driving without a seat belt. The same rule can be applied to being on the water. Although you may see yourself as someone who can swim, accidents do happen when you least expect it. The top kayak fishing life-jackets are comfortable and allow your arms to have a full range of motion for bait casting. The ideal kayak fishing life-jacket will also contain lots of pockets for fishing accessories that you want for easy access.

Golden Rule 2 – Clean up

The 2nd rule is to make sure to clean up after yourself after you finish fishing. You don’t want to create a litter where you went fishing and make a mess for the environment. It’s important to respect the environment and maintain a clean fishing ground. Make sure to bring a garbage bag with you out on the water and dispose of any trash you have afterward.

Golden Rule 3 – Learn the Kayak Fishing Game

The third golden rule is to take some time to learn the fundamentals of Kayak Fishing. I would recommend you to pick up the book The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing. Even though kayak fishing is easy to learn that anyone to follow, I recommend you to have read at this book to give you insights on how to be a better angler and to increase your chances of catching a big fish.




Golden Rule 4 – Rule & Regulations

The fourth rule is to know the rules and regulations of your region when it comes to fishing the waters. This is very important because it provides you with information such as the minimum size of fish you’re allowed to keep and appropriate hooks you’re allowed to use. Failure to comply with these rules might result in you getting fined if caught by the park ranger.

Golden Rule 5 – Spread the Knowledge

The last golden rule to kayak fishing is to share your knowledge with other kayak anglers. You may have some tips for new anglers on how to catch a bigger fish or it might be a simple as paddling with your kayak quietly. One of the best things about the kayak fishing community is that it is an open community where kayak anglers willingly share the tricks they have learned while out in the water. This will allow everyone to have a better kayak fishing experience.

Hopefully, you found these golden rules of kayak fishing helpful. Make sure to check out our reviews of the best fishing kayak and the best kayaks for beginners in the market. Did we miss any golden rules of kayak fishing? Comment below and let us know!

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