5 Best Fishing Kayak Paddles | Buyer’s Guide Review

5 Best Fishing Kayak Paddles | Buyer’s Guide Review

The 5 Best Fishing Kayak Paddles | What to look for before buying

Most people prefer different angles, materials, and designs when choosing the best fishing kayak paddles. Choosing kayak paddles are usually based on personal preference.  A good paddle will greatly improve your time on the water and make propulsion much easier.  You’ll have some difficult decisions to make considering the different type of paddles to choose from. I’ve listed below 5 best kayak paddles for fishing you can use on your next adventure in the waters.

Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

Best Kayak paddles for fishingMy pick for the best paddle for kayak fishing is the Carlisle Magic Plus. The paddle is made for individuals who know their way around the water.  It’s a paddle that is made to endure the long hours of use. Also, it’s made with high-impact glass-filled polypropylene paddles for durability while weighing less.

The shaft is also made of fiberglass. The blades and the shaft bend just enough when using to improve the power of the stroke without hurting your joints. In addition, it comes in three different lengths. You can choose your preferred size based on the width of your boat and also your height.  Furthermore, the angle of the blades is adjustable.

SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle

Best fishing kayak paddlesFor buyers working on a tight budget and need something affordable but doesn’t look cheap, this is a worthy contender. It is good enough for those who are into the sport of kayaking

At this price point, it still manages to post very impressive features such as the two-piece lightweight aluminum shaft. Also, the length of the paddle is ideal for younger users and also those who are looking to move over long distances to get their fishing grounds. Furthermore, the foam handgrips make the paddle very comfortable and easy on the hands. The lightweight black molded plastic blades make it easy to move through the waters. It is the best fishing kayak paddle for beginners.

Bending Branches Whisper Aluminum 2 Pc

Fishing Kayak PaddlesFor kayak fishers looking for the best kayak fishing paddles, this is it. It offers a blend of affordability and above board performances for any kayak angler.

The paddle is very lightweight but durable and will definitely bring some much-needed comfort and speed to your days on the water. The injection-molded paddles have a V-shaped cross-section for swift and silent functioning while generating enough propulsion especially considering that the blades are adjustable.

The shaft is made from aluminum for durability and less weight giving The paddle a strong ability to withstand punishment. The highlight feature on the shaft is the effort that has gone into building the handgrip which is quite comfortable and ensures the paddle does not slip out.

Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded

Fishing kayak paddle reviewThis happens to be among the best kayak paddle for fishing and it has a multitude of reviews to back it up.

It has a shaft made from corrosion-resistant aluminum with enough strength to get you going even on the rocky shorelines and the paddle is 96 inches long with drip guards to keep you dry while you paddle.

The blades are molded for optimal efficiency and contoured so you use fewer strokes to get you further. To keep your hands blister-free, the shaft is fitted with foam grips which also prevent the paddle from slipping. While it is a great paddle, you should take extra care not to drop it because it doesn’t float.

Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle

top fishing kayak paddlesIt is impossible to hold a discussion on the best fishing kayak paddle without mentioning the Intex Dual Purpose paddle. It is highly rated and has a paddle design that is highly functional and appealing. The paddle can be used as a single piece or split into two paddles.

The blades are made from ribbed aluminum and it has drip ring on either side. The shaft is also made from super strong aluminum and does not break even when you are fighting off the beach line and rocks. However, compared to other paddles, this one is a little heavy and comes in at 3.5 pounds but, that is a small price to pay.


When choosing the best fishing kayak paddles, your first task should be identifying what kind of paddler you are. If you are an aggressive paddler like me, you need a strong paddle that is able to take the heat. For cruisers, the options are more open and liberal.

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